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Welcome to Small Feet Energy Limited

Are you looking to reduce your energy consumption?

Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy doesn’t just take care of our planet; it also takes care of your wallet. By saving energy or incorporating natural resources of energy, such as solar power, wind and heat pump technology, you could be saving money on your energy bills.

Domestic Properties

Having achieved an ‘A’ rated domestic dwelling (using Energy Performance Certificates), via a property improvement, this ensures the future home owners are not greatly affected through volatile utility prices. We would then ensure that they are educated to use the building efficiently to operate any new technology installed. It is also likely we will encourage a change in the current tenants/owners behaviour to maximise practical savings even more.

If a Green Deal Energy Assessment is conducted we can assess each home and make specific recommendations without the capital upfront using a preferred Green Deal Provider based on the domestic Energy Performance Certificate.


Small Feet Energy can assess your building and recommend energy efficient potential helping reduce costs by implement smart/sub-metering. The ability to monitor is the start of any good process for energy reduction (monitor and target). We do not just look at simple improvements such as standard lighting improvements (e.g. LED), double glazing, boiler replacement etc. We investigate the potential of Voltage reduction/optimisation, Variable speed drives (VSD), boiler optimisation, compressor upgrades etc. We can also help reducing emissions for Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) for the larger organisation or public body to improve league table positions.

SME’s can also benefit from Small Feet Energy’s procurement service and will find we are very competitive per utility contract renewal and will ensure you obtain best value – the costs for this service are embedded within the contracted unit price similar to all other energy brokers but we adopt a 0.3p/kWh limit as a maximum charge – regardless of company size.